Merits Of Having A Hosted Desktop

Most business owners are resulting in using of hosted desktops in their businesses. Hosted desktop services like  Yorkshire Cloud enables all your data, applications and email stored centrally on a server which you can readily access from any point. Having a hosted desktop enables you to get your files in a secured, manner from any point which is very convenient. There are benefits of choosing to have hosted desktop systems. Hosted desktops save on cost during recession-plagued times. Having a hosted desktop frees you the need to purchase powerful hardware, to maintain a server and have different working stations. You also do not need to hire technically skilled support team. The services provider is responsible for handling all these which relieves you the financial burden of taking care of all these. You get a lot of resources that are left which you can use in running your business.

Hosted desktops from companies like ensure that your data remains secure. There are different hackers who are always trying to access your most sensitive data. Getting hold of information such as credit card numbers, passwords, and financial statements can cost your business a lot of losses. Hosted desktops ensure that your data is secure. There are firewalls and antivirus software that is installed on the server. The data transfer is facilitated in an encrypted manner where it cannot be available to the third party. This safeguards your data from being hacked.The e-mails that you send to your staffs are encrypted and scanned to prevent virus infections and hacking.

Hosted desktops help in automatic disaster recovery. The system backs up all the sensitive data on a regular basis which ensures that if disaster strikes, the data will remain secure. Having your data safeguarded against loss or alteration ensures that your business will keep on running smoothly without your operations being affected by any natural calamity. If your data is stored in a geographical location, you are guaranteed that you cannot lose your data in case of any unexpected occurrence.

Hosted desktop enables one to work from any point. It facilitates flexibility of working from anywhere and your employees can access it from any given point. The business operations may not be affected if you are traveling on business duties or if there is a natural calamity that may make it difficult for you to work from your office. The employees can access the applications from their home and keep working beyond their normal working hours which is key to increasing the productivity of the business. Also, watch this video comparing a hosted desktop setup with Quickbooks: